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Audit/Inspection Services

Our team of field engineers and service technicians offer onsite expertise to help maintenance managers during scheduled and unscheduled outages with maintenance issues concerning their air pollution control equipment. The services that AES can provide include: identifying, isolating and procuring any parts associated with your air pollution control equipment. In addition to supplying replacement parts, the AES experienced field staff can work with you to determine the root cause of problems and develop plans to ensure that the components at your air pollution control equipment are not failing prematurely. AES offers three ranges of audits to meet all the needs of our customers.

Online Operational Audit

The on-line operation audit focuses on the actual operating parameters and function of the equipment being audited. The areas that this audit focuses on are the cleaning systems the bag differential, pressure pick up points, ductwork, fan and controls. This audit usually takes a day to complete and a full report document is provided to the customer. This is the general checkup the systems operating performance.

Off-line Inspection

The off-line inspection is a more hands on type of audit. During this type of audit, inspection technician enters the bag house and performs visual checks and records with photos the exact condition of the equipment at the time of the inspection. The areas of focus are as follows: clean air plenum, dirty air plenum, tubesheet, dampers and ductwork. This type of audit/inspection is usually scheduled in accordance with down days and takes a day depending on the size and accessibility of the equipment. A full report is provided to the customer complete with a photo index outlining the internals of the equipment. This is a good measure of the condition of the equipment.

Complete On-line/Off-line Audit

The on-line/off-line audit is a thorough evaluation of the equipment. This service is designed to provide a benchmark for the current condition of the equipment against which a plan can be developed for optimizing performance and reliability. This audit can be done in as little as a day on smaller equipment to several days depending on the size and complexity of the equipment. A very detailed report with reference photos as well as suggested improvements is provided to the customer. The report for this type of audit is a valuable tool for maintenance managers and planners for future budgets.